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Track Day 3 Oliena - Orgosolo

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Oliena Orgosolo

42 km


1468 mt

1043 mt

1047 mt

5,0 h

99,5 %



3 km 



0,5 km




56 km


2507 mt

1874 mt

1111 mt

7,0 h

99,5 %



13 km 



0,5 km



Compared to the Transardinia original track , this gps route allows an almost complete cyclability, avoiding the long, hard paths of the Supramonte. A wonderful wildlife landscape crossing, but a difficult task for those who do not have a well established technique. The Gps route goes around Supramonte, hillside, and then back to Montes plateau, after crossing the river Cedrino, making a sort of horseshoe. Again, this track passes through an area of great landscape value set in extensive forest of oak trees. A long detour across the southern part of Supramonte is available for the fittest and most skilled bikers, it joins the original Transardinia trail back at  Ianna Filae. From there, it cuts across Funtana Bona magnificent  Forest, until the Montes plateau. Download the entire day 3 long track here. (42 downloads agg.11/2010)


The track starts from CiKappa hotel, keeps climbing, and leaves Oliena trough its main road. After a short climb, it turns left following the directions to Monte Maccione. There begins a long series of switchbacks over a concrete road, through a beautiful hardwood forest. Once at 900 meters, at a junction, the track follows a trail on the right, that takes through a place called Daddana, via a very panoramic hillside dirt road, with sweeping views from Oliena to Nuoro and Orgosolo. In front of you a deep valley, behind you, the overlooking bastions of Supramonte.



                                      Transardinia Day 3. Daddana, Oliena.

                                                    On the narrow Daddana paths, Oliena..    

At Daddana there is the only water spring in the area, so you better fill your camelback. After a technical section of the trail, steep and narrow, the track widens, becoming a mule track that, through a dense forest, after a series of ups and downs, will lead you to cross the gravel road Orgosolo - Solitta peak. Instead of climbing to Solitta peak, as required by the original Transardinia trail, steer your mountain bikes to the right, toward Orgosolo, literally flying down a long fireroad until a junction at 620 meters of elevation. There go left taking a fireroad uphill. On top of the climb the road descends through a good dirt road through the woods, another long descent until you the old pig farm of Alineddos.




                                             Outcrop of rock along s'Arenargiu hairpin bends climb, Olien                                        


Now the road hits a hard climb across the oak forest, up to a height of 900 meters, the point where the long detour starts, cutting across the southern Supramonte of Orgosolo and exiting near the sources of Sos Campidanesos. Instead, the short track, after a mint-scented spring, descends fast on a reforestation fireroad, ruined occasionally by recent floods, (but still cyclable with caution ), until the half-destroyed bridge on the river Cedrino. From there begins the final climb on a very good fireroad, which will get you to the Ianna Ventosa lake,usually attended by hundreds of goats, sheep and wild hogs.

At thip point the trail turns into a paved country road, taklng you, after a crossing, to the Ai monti del Gennargentu, hotel.  


                                       pronti via!

                                         Morning briefing at Ai monti del Gennargentu hotel, Orgosolo.  

The arrival at this small hotel, usually, ahead of the average time, will allow you to relax, do some stretching and dedicate few minutes to your mountain bike maintenance.


tested in September 2009


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In Oliena you can find mountain bike spare parts at some assistance at a small bike shop, Motoriparazioni of Tonino Acquas tel. 0784/286125   cell. 3809052363 

Store address  at 60 Via Galiani, workshop in Via P. Kolbe s.n.

Transportation service Cagliari-Orgosolo-Cagliari  

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