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Day 4 Track Orgosolo - Arzana

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The fourth stage of the Transardinia is almost totally new compared to the classic. It is indeed, a route across the Ogliastrine face of the Gennargentu, it doesn't pass over the crests of Bruncuspina but a bit lower, allowing even in unfavourable weather conditions the completion of the itinerary. Also this track allows a total cyclability, while cutting near the whereabouts of  Supramonte and Gennargentu, through spectacular valleys, avoids uber-technical singletracks and runs fine dirtroads between the oakwoods of Orgosolo, Talana, Villagrande Strisaili and Arzana


For those who still want to climb Bruncuspina, and hit the classic path, there is always the option of getting a mtb Guide Service.


                                                    Monte Fumai.Orgosolo.  

The stage starts from the hotel Ai Monti del Gennargentu. From the hotel you go towards the Park barracks of Funtana Bona Forest, on the same last ten km of paved road of the previous stage. The road runs fast between lakes, reforestation areas and high mountain beautiful pastures. Once at the Funtana Bona barracks it will be better to replenish your water reservoirs. From there a fire road starts, climbing through a dense oak wood, You'll leave the forest once at the foot of Mount Fumai, a tower of schist dominating the valleys between Funtana Bona and Correboi. After passing a small fold it is time to hammer the cranks again on a short climb that will take you towards the southern side of Monte Fumai. Now the road gets flatter, you can take a breath and let the wheels of your mountain bike roll on a fluid fast fireroad, facing the eye-widening panorama. Best stil has to came, infact, it's time to get focused on the next Ianna and Ventu downhill, quite difficult and technical but lots of fun too. At the end of the descent you will cross a cold torrent, a tributary of Flumineddu River, with a few easy crossings. You are now at Isteones whereabouts, here lie the remains of a nuragic village. After crossing the last ford, the trail resumes to climb, this time in the territory of Villagrande Strisaili, reached the saddle, at a junction take a left and continue to climb until you reach the flat top of the mountain, at 1,300 metres. There at Sa Pranedda, you will pass the boundary between the villlages of Villagrande and Urzulei,


                                        Ford in the vicinity of Flumineddu river , between Orgosolo and Villagrande Strisaili.

Now the dirtroad stays at high altitude and you will enjoy ridin onto an extraordinary trail, facing limestone cliffs of Supramonte. Deep in the valley before you, lies the ancient Mamucone fold, placed under the impressive dolomitic cliff of Punta S'ispignadorgiu, but it is time to point your wheeels down the beautiful descent to the sources of Fenarbu, recessed at the bottom of a beautiful valley. The road then follows the direction of the Valley until a climb, after which, passing near the  barracks of the Forest Park becomes paved again. After a couple of km, the trail gets beyond the crossroad to Talana and continues straight, on a fire road, descending at its lowest point, onto the beautiful valley of Bacu (river)Orrovigili, a tributary of the Flumendosa. The dirt road along the left bank of the river after a while begins to deteriorate, becoming rapidly a singletrack , easily affordable by the riders which possess the right technique.


From the turn-off to Talana path suffered a a Variant, see Bulletin at the bottom of the page  




                                        Descending Ianna e'Ventu double track , Orgosolo.

Near a huge oxbow it becomes a little difficult to follow the confusing path, just entrust the gps and follow the footpath until you'll pass on the opposite bank. There you are again in the Oak forest, the footpath becomes a muletrack  and then a dirtroad. The dirt road eventually joins the old road to Villanova Strisaili, but you'll take the bridge and then you go back on the dirt road on the other bank of the river. After some easy flat terrain, the dirt road start to climb more steeply in the oakforest. Arrived at the saddle named Arcu Utzai, at a crossroads, the trail continues straight on a daunting uphill muletrack immersed in the oaks, pointing straight towards the village of Villagrande Strisaili.  With a bit of pain but in a nice and dense forest, you'll arrive at another saddle, Genna Ferru, leaving the muletrack for a dirt road, which now goes down for several kilometres, with its characteristic stone paved switchbacks, until crossing the tarmac near the Park of Santa Barbara where there is a bar and it is even possible to rest a few minutes in front of a nice ice cream.


Collect the latest energies and cross the Park Santa Barbara to start the last final climb of the day to Monte Idolo and its 1281 mt. From the summit the view is amazing, you'll see a good part of Ogliastra and even the sea but there is no time to lose, you'll have to prepare yourself and the bike for the long descent in the forest. Then, after taking the left on the muletrack through the thick pine forest, there is still the joy left for a nice sprint, which will take you in a few minutes down to the center of Arzana,to the Hotel Murru, stage post today, where good typical local cuisine and the need rest are  waiting for us.



tested agosto 2010

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 Bullettin N 1 - Detour  to avoid the singletrack along Bacu Orrovigili.

Following the same philosophy that seeks to give bikers an excellent level route to ride safely, we have created a Variant that bypasses the singletrack along the Bacu Orrolovigi, that was difficult to locate. The variant deviates to s ' arcu e' Orostodde along the asphalted road for Talana, for a few hundred metres, then take the forest road along the panoramic Crest, reaching Bruncu Tortari and following up to Bruncu Olinie. From the summit on top-of-Ogliastra, climb the wooden stair that crosses a fence and take a short off-piste shortcut  that quickly joins the main fire-road. The forest road rides right at the top of the crest, running close of Mt. Mela, and the abandoned mine of Zio Penneros to rejoin the original route at Genna Porcos.


Beware, this variant has been included in the definitive track, if you prefer riding the more adventurous singletrack along the Bacu Orrovigili meadow, you can download the original trail here


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